Why I Left Israel on my 83rd Day on the Road

On 15 March 2020, I finally bid goodbye to Israel. It was a love and hate relationship to be honest. Love because I like their way of living– very active (as I’ve observed people go to public gyms), and very open esp. Tel Aviv. Love because the landscape going to the Dead Sea has blown me away. The only thing I dislike is it’s too expensive to live. In fact, it’s among the most expensive countries to live and visit.

There are many theories I heard why it’s expensive. First was when the French people came, bought lands, and sell at high prices, so then everything followed. Secondly, the taxes are just so high because they need to pay their soldiers a good amount of money. Basically everyone is required to go to the military. And lastly, they have high wages. So high prices are unavoidable.

Volunteering at Overstay Jaffa Hostel

After my adventures with someone last February, I rushed myself to get into a volunteering program. I wanted to save money and I wanted to move on from being heart broken. One week working as a volunteer, I still couldn’t forget what happened and couldn’t focus. So for me to move on, I booked that flight to Morocco as soon as possible at my worse state. I was heartbroken when I booked it and just hated the place because memories linger.

The volunteering program didn’t help at least for a week emotionally. But I did learn a lot about household chores. I was tasked on the maintenance. I was sweeping the floor, mapping it, cleaning the toilet, the bathroom, and the rooftop. I particularly chose the hostel industry because one day I want to build my own hostel. I will talk more about this on another post.

In between me working as a volunteer, I met amazing people and started to love Israel. I told myself not to get attached to people because I’d be sad parting ways. But I can’t help it. This is going to be a hard lesson for me to learn.

Sometimes I even find meeting new people pointless because you just part ways and leave each other. You introduce yourself, tell a bit of your background and voila, they’re gone the next day. I’m sick of that because I’m more than that. No matter what I tell that to myself, I couldn’t help it. I did still met wonderful people and learnt so much about their country. Because that’s me. I like to socialise in groups of 2-3 and I get lost in crowds.

So I met this guy from Germany whom I admired. He has many talents and going to stay in Israel for a year since he has a Working Holiday Visa. There were also these guys from India and Netherlands that I got to know from the hostel that I was living in. I started getting active. We went to the beach after work and play beach volleyball on our free time.

After living for more than a month in Israel, I’ve grown to love it. I realised both good and bad make up the best stories to tell. I didn’t want to leave anymore. But then I needed to move forward and go on life. Despite having a strict immigration officers, and high prices, I left missing Israel.

It’s going to take for a while to come back to Israel because I now have an Arab stamp on my new passport.

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