Ushguli Georgia- Europe’s Highest Settlement

Ushguli, Georgia. Sounds familiar? I look back on the days I was doing my research about going to Europe’s Highest Settlement- Ushguli at 7,000 feet. I’ve always been fascinated with unknown destinations and Ushguli is truly a remarkable place that left my heart in awe! I’m here to guide you on your travel to Ushguli Village in Mestia, Georgia.

Add Mestia to your Georgia Itinerary and I’ll tell you why it’s worth your time and money.

Where is Ushguli located?

Ushguli can be found in Mestia, which is the central town proper of Svaneti. Ushguli is about 2 hours drive from Mestia.- 456 km away from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. This town proper is the starting point for any trips throughout the region. From the center of Mestia, there’s plenty of hikes to choose from such as Ushguli, Usbha, Chaladi, and more. This UNESCO World Heritage site is laid out at the foot of Mount Shkhara and offers enchanting views of snow peak mountains.

How To Get To Mestia?

Most locals didn’t know flights exists going to Mestia. But well you know me, I do my research pretty well and found this information from Trip Advisor. You can spend hours on the road to get to Mestia by bus but with Vanilla Sky, you can take their flight to Mestia and wonder in awe with the striking snowy peaks of the mountains! Here’s their flight schedule for 2019. Note that this changes most of the time depending on the season. So check their website quite often.

With Vanilla Sky, you can fly from Nataktari Airport in Tbilisi to Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia. Nataktari Airport is 30 km north of Tbilisi but don’t worry, the airport personal will pick you up on a designated area near your accommodation.

Where To Stay In Mestia

There’s a lot of choices on where you can stay in Mestia but stayed at Nato. It’s a guesthouse. I was their only guest at that time and it felt like they were my family for 2 nights with no wifi. Tell them to pick you at the Queen Tamar Airport because the guesthouse can’t be found in google.

They cooked for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They speak only Russian and Georgian. So our way of communication was through sign language and with some help from their daughter through the phone who lives in Tbilisi. The food, and their wine were amazing.

I slept very early in those 2 nights considering there’s also no telly and bathroom in my room. So I had to go down to pee. That means wearing my coat because it’s freaking cold outside. The silence was also deafening. So I watched Netflix instead.

The good thing that came out about me staying at this guesthouse was I realised I needed it. It was rather a meditation. I cried when I left because my host family has been so kind and hospitable.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Mestia?

Mestia is referred to be as the Winter Paradise with short summer days and long winter months! It can be visited any season of the year but I went in the last week of November and it was an experience of a lifetime. But be careful with the flights as snow storm could stop you from getting in and out of Mestia as to what almost happened to me.

I’m sure as hell summer will be so charming with all the greens popping out but it’s also a touristic season so prices tend to be expensive. But hey it’s Eastern Europe so that makes it still less expensive.

Itinerary and Expenses

Day 1:

  • Flight to Mestia- 90 GEL
  • Guesthouse- 60 GEL

Day 2:

  • Ushguli Tour- 40 GEL

Day 3:

  • Return Flight to Tblisi- 90 GEL
  • All Food Expenses- 41 GEL

I still think fondly of Ushguli. It’s tops into one of the hidden gems of Europe that I highly recommend it! If you have more time, you can visit Mount Kazbegi as well!

Thank you for reading this article and I hope this helps your travel to Ushguli! I hope you don’t mind sharing this article on social media? A small thing for you to do and costs nothing, which would make a huge difference for me.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for further questions. I’ll answer them before 24 hours! I’d be so glad to help.

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