UAE E VISA Application

It’s time for my UAE E-Visa Application after I got my Armenian Visa. If you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country, you have to get a visa for UAE before you can go there. You can apply for a UAE visa in two ways. You can go to the embassy and submit your application there, or if you are eligible for an e-visa, that would be the best choice.

For UAE E-Visa application, you need to have a sponsor. I opted for an agency to be my sponsor just to be safe I don’t get denied. The agency that I would recommend is South Travels. They’re very fast and quick to reply on my queries.

UAE E- Visa Application Requirements

  1. Sponsor- this can be a family, a relative, an agency or hotels
  2. Passport Copy valid for 6 months
  3. Passport Size Photo
  4. Payment
  5. Accommodation Details
  6. Confirmed Flight Details

UAE E- Visa Application Steps

1| Since I opted for an agency, I went to South Travel’s site and fill out my travel details.

2. Then I received two emails once I have submitted my application. One is my travel details and the other is the payment instruction link.

3| Then, I opened the link and finish the payment. I received an email afterwards for the payment confirmation.

4| One day after I submitted my UAE E-Visa Application, I immediately got my approved visa in PDF format. Cheers! I couldn’t believe I got it after a day. I thought at first it was a joke but then I confirmed it with my aunt who lives in Dubai and she said it’s legit true.

As you can see, it is incredibly accessible to apply for a UAE E-visa. When you apply online. you barely have to do anything. Once you provide the necessary documents and information, your agency handles the rest.

Now that we have our UAE E-Visa, it’s time for us to go! If you like this UAE E-Visa Application: 3 Easy Steps On How I Got It In 1 Day, please share it to your family and friends! Thank you!


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