South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary

Our South Cebu- 4 days Itinerary was surely one for the books! A good friend of mine, Nino came to visit and I wouldn’t miss this chance to spend time with him!

South Cebu is usually part of any traveller coming by. I’ve been to the city but never did see the northern and southern part. South Cebu is a popular travel destination in the world where people flock during summer exploring waterfalls, hiking mountains, and swimming in the beach. You’d be spoiled by how many adventures you can choose from. We went during rainy season in September but still we were lucky we had a good weather during these days.

DAY 1: Arrival- South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary
  • 16:00- Arrival at Mactan International Airport
  • 17:00- Grab a cab to South Bus Terminal
  • 22:00- Arrival at Guesthouse then dinner
  • Roundtrip Ticket with Airasia (₱5,500 two way per person)
  • Taxi- ₱350
  • Accommodation at The Guesthouse Badian (3 nights)- ₱3,600 for 2 people;
  • 7/11 for Dinner for 2 people- ₱300
DAY 2: Alegria Canyoneering- South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary

06:00- wake up call

We rented a motorbike for ₱300 per day. Fuel is excluded. But it was full tanked when we received it. We went first to Alegria to do the canyoneering. We only paid ₱500 because it was off season. Surprisingly, we were the only tourists that time and it was amazing! The weather was a bit cloudy but that didn’t stop us from doing the adventure! What a way to start the day full of exhilarating activities!

We finished at around 11:00. We were supposed to go to Oslob for the whale sharks but the locals recommended us to go somewhere less crowded. So we did find a whale shark nearby and we were the only tourists there! We paid ₱500 for the boat to take us.

  • Motorbike rent: ₱300.00
  • Alegria Canyoneering Fee: ₱500.00
  • Environmental fee: ₱75.00
  • Car park fee: ₱200.00
  • Boat rent: ₱500.00
  • Brunch:
  • Dinner at Mcdonald’s: ₱600.00

We went back to our guesthouse at around 13:00 to rest and have our brunch. Then, we just went to a nearby beach at 17:00 then had dinner afterwards.

DAY 3: Kawasan Falls and Cambais Waterfall: South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary

06:00- wake up call

When we arrive at Kawasan falls, we didn’t know this was canyoneering as well. We basically arrived at the end of canyoneering which is the Kawasan Falls. Boy, I’ve never seen this gatorade waterfalls in my life! It was so surreal! The water was cold though but bearable.

Afterwards, we went to Moalboal to see the sardines. We did see it but we needed to go deep to truly see it. I wish I had a good picture of it. The most wonderful moments are the ones you can’t truly capture.

We went back to the guesthouse at around 14:00 to have brunch and rest. We got back on the road to visit Cambais waterfall at around 15:30 and got back 18:30.

We’re so glad we chose Cambais waterfalls because getting there was full of adventures! Pictures doesn’t apply justice how intense going up there– using ropes and pulling ourselves up to reach another waterfall. I got bruises of course. We were the only ones there. I was afraid something would pull me down while swimming at the waterfall. But Nino was full of energy. Glad I still have my inner kid and just went with the flow! Oh boy! It was the best decision we did!

  • Motorbike rent: ₱300.00
  • Refuel: ₱800.00
  • Kawasan Falls entrance: ₱45.00
  • Car park: ₱200.00
  • Brunch: ₱300.00 for two people
  • Dinner: ₱1,500 for two people
DAY 4: Dao Falls: South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary

06:00- wake up call

Dao Falls is a 30 minute easy hike through the jungle but it requires walking through the water and navigate our way with big rocks. Nino and I arrived at the top base after driving for more than an hour. We were surprised to find it deserted and thought no one was there to guide us. Like we already started going down and going on the rough route but a running woman shouted on us and asked us to pay a small fee. We could have fallen for her voice. But we’re still glad she found us or else we could have been lost in the middle of nowhere and die from the route we’ve already started taking.

Anyway, the scenery was astounding! Walking through the canyon walls, ferns and palms was quite the show. And if I may, I highly recommend that you include in your South Cebu- 4 Days Itinerary.

  • Motorbike rent: ₱300.00
  • Dao Falls Entrance fee with guide: ₱700.00
  • Brunch: ₱300.00 for two people

We then went back to our guesthouse and prepared going back to Cebu City for my flight back to Manila while Nino goes to Bohol to continue his journey.

My thoughts:

Everything that happened was priceless. My heart was full of joy and excitement seeing those magical places. The entire trip was a balance between adventure and rest. Hopefully we get to be back again one day.

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