How I Met Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder | 21 | Canada

No one knew I was meeting this legend. Nor do I in my wildest dreams! I was just checking out IG stories then bumped into Sam Kolder’s. He said he’s going to host a meet up in Cebu, Philippines. I asked if there’s going to be in Manila. And if none, at least we could meet at the airport. To no avail, he said no.

Two days passed by and I was checking again IG stories and bumped into his again because part of me believes we’re still meeting no matter what! Guess what the IG story said? Meet up at the airport! All Sam Kolder fans out there!

I used my lunch break to meet him. All in hurry to eat to catch up. I’m finally meeting the one who introduced me to the world of orange steel photography and film making!

I got into the airport and noticed no other fan was there. I was like maybe I’m the only fan who had the time to meet? But no. I was in the wrong area. All other fans were on the other side. I ran as fast I could.

Five minutes after I got to the proper place, there he was with his team. He used to work as Head of Video for Beautiful Destinations but now handling his own team of creators. I took the chance of having a picture with him.

I always get tongue tied when I’m nervous. So we only did little chat since they have a flight to catch and other fans were also waiting for their turn. I was already satisfied and left with a grin in my face.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Sam Kolder and how someone inspires us, we’d go crazy to meet them.

Check out some of Sam Kolder’s works here.

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