One Month of Travelling and here’s how it’s been so far

So today marks my one month of continuously and spontaneously travelling. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that’s happening in my life both the bad and the good side. It’s not always bright and shiny in real life. I couldn’t complain because this is the lifestyle I chose and I stand by it. But if I may…

Ready to go with 23kgs in total

I deal with all emotions all at the same time and it’s exhausting. I’ve had to deal with being heart broken in my first week, the happiness in between, the short term relationships with people I meet, catching buses and flights, airport sleeps, the flirting, cuddling, a one night stand, late night drinking, a terrible host, a visit to the emergency room, and dreams that came true. I’ve cried many times. But the lone wolf inside survives. I dared of all of these and yet I survived.

However it may be, I’m just happy and glad that I have friends around the world that are willing to show their country and host me. And also those who I have recently connected with, I miss all of you! I hope I get to see you all again.. somewhere.. If there’s one lesson I could share, it’s this: patience, because you are exactly where you are and the universe is already conspiring against you to achieve your dreams but if you keep going, beat all the odds, I’m sure you’re one step closer to your achieving your dreams. I once dreamt about traveling the world long time ago when I was in college. I would pin those countries in my list on my map at my room (with a dream catcher hanging in it- helps with my sleep lol). I told to myself: “One day, Paul.” I waited years.. and then the opportunity came.

I’ve worked for more than 4 years in the banking industry after graduating from college and I didn’t think about travelling at all or it was too far from achieving it. Then it was 2017 when the travel bug hit me and there’s no cure to it. I did whatever it takes to travel. Two years later, I quit my job. I don’t have enough money with me but I guess I need to be flexible with what I have. It’s all or nothing. I just did it. It was the bravest thing I did!

Seriously, when you think like everything is falling apart, then think again because every is falling into place. 

This adventure of a lifetime is still on going. I’m still on permanent vacation status if I can call it like that. And the excitement of what awaits never gets old. I’m always on cloud 9 when I’m with people I like to be with. It’s fascinating to know what life is in other countries and it’s definitely more exciting to discover different realities out there. Everything is unfolding right before my eyes.

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