Mount Kazbegi in Stepantsminda Georgia: Getting Lost in the Mountains

Welcome To Mount Kazbegi!

I arrived at the Tbilisi International Airport from Moscow at around 03:00. It was raining when I got there and gladly I didn’t have any concerns with the immigration or with my visa.

Buses are the main means of public transport, with numerous departures between all major towns. So I waited for the Line 37 Bus that would take me to the main city which is near my accommodation: Lit Hostel. It was only 0.50 Georgian Lari from the airport to the city.

Quick facts about Georgia:

  • Capital: Tbilisi
  • Languages: Georgian and Russian
  • Number code: +995
  • Currency: Georgian Lari

As I was sitting in the bus waiting for my station, I couldn’t help but feel how foreign the language is as I was looking into the signs. I could soak myself in the strangeness of something and wonder how utterly wonderful it is to be lost in something beautiful like the way you look into someone’s eyes.

Then I was then dropped off at the Academy of Sciences station. I walked fast paced to my hostel which took me time to find. But despite that, I was still in complete awe walking and finding my hostel in the dark shadows of the city, freezing.

The Kazbegi Journey Begins..

Then I went to Kazbegi after getting 3 hours of sleep, It’s gorgeously famous for its big mountain views and close to the border of Russia. I visited Kazbegi on my own and at first I thought a day trip would be fine but thank god I stayed overnight because this deserves more a day! This is one of those places I would love to visit again and this article will tell you why. Stay more than a day here and I’ll assure you that you’re not making a mistake!

I walked to the nearest Metro Station from my hostel, which is the Rustaveli and stopped at the Didube Station where you can find minibuses (which are called marshrutkas) going to Kazbegi. The minibus left at 10:00. The ride was about 3 hours and I only paid 7 Lari ($3). By the way, I highly recommend you download the Rome2Rio. It’s the best app to find what transportation, directions, or stations you should hop on.

The Failed Gudauri Trip

I opted to visit Gudauri Ski Resort first since I know it’s just an hour from Kazbegi. The Ski Resort was closed that time. Gladly one of the passengers from the bus helped me find my way back but as usual, it took me time. I was waving my hand hoping someone who let me hitchhike. It was freezing. I was starving from not eating breakfast and lunch to save a few bucks.

I was walking for almost an hour feeling hopeless until someone had the decency to let me hitchhike. And oh my God! It was the most priceless moment of my life- saving me from almost fainting. I told him to drop me off somewhere that would take me to Kazbegi. Only to find a cab which I crazy paid for 150 Lari!

It took us more than an hour to arrive at my hotel which took us time to find! It’s called Sunshine Kazbegi and for one night, I paid 75 Lari ($26) which was so worth it, big time!

After arriving at my hotel, I went directly to Rooms Hotel’s Restaurant and grab some food and views! I spent $45 which was too much for me but gave some for my host when I got back. I ordered Khachapuri of course! LOL

As I eat my food, I realised how precious that moment was, because this spot surely was one of the most amazing places to visit in Mount Kazbegi.

Here are some photos of why I went here and you should too! It’s quite hard to describe such a beauty into words. Let these photos speak for themselves.

Expenses so far…

  • Airport to Hostel: 0.50 Lari
  • Hostel for one night: 36 Lari
  • Rustaveli to Dibube Station: 2.50 Lari
  • Minibus to Kazbegi: 7 Lari
  • Gudauri to Kazbegi: 150 Lari
  • Rooms Hotel’s Restaurant: 430 Lari

When to go to Kazbegi

I went during the last week of Autumn and going on winter and I must say, I didn’t regret it! But I’m pretty sure, Georgia is an all-year destination country. The climate here is quite diverse– every season has its own charm!

I was completely blown away by Mount Kazbegi that for a sec it even felt unreal! Thank you for reading this article and I hope this helps your travel to Kazbegi! I hope you don’t mind sharing this article on social media? A small thing for you to do and costs nothing, which would make a huge difference for me.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for further questions. I’ll answer them before 24 hours! I’d be so glad to help.

If you have more time, you can also visit Ushguli in Georgia as well!


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