Moscow In One Day

Moscow in One Day- St Basil's

Hey guys! Now that I finally have my Russian Transit Visa, it’s now time to share what I did in Moscow in One Day!

So, I was travelling to Georgia when I had my 24 hours lay over in Moscow. There’s a lot of going in my mind on what to expect. Of course, I’m really happy to have visited it but I managed my expectations. Most people think that Russia is not safe for tourists. But when I knew that I was having my lay over here, I did not hesitate at all. Like fuck this shit, I’m coming!

So, I left my big coat in my luggage at the airport for $10. “It wasn’t that cold”, I said to myself. But when I left the airport, HOLY MOLY! It was freezing! HAHAHA! I composed myself despite it. I think of how I was going to survive being freeze to death. But logically looking back, I was only wearing inappropriate clothes.

So I arrived at the metro station and took the Aeroexpress train. It was about P458 going to the Red Square. I decided I’ll stay close to this area as it’s quite close to the airport. Below is how you can get to the Red Square.

Moscow in One Day

Since I only had one day in Moscow, I thought of the best way to experience the hospitality of the locals. Thanks to the help of my Couchsurfing host Denis, the city felt totally manageable. He waited 2 hours for me because I got lost all the way to the Red Square!

1| Lenin’s Mausoleum

This place has usually long long lines to get into but surpassingly there was no line at all. Maybe because I was too early.

94 years and counting for a mausoleum Lenin he never asked for. Today, the unburied body remains a lingering element of the Soviet legacy, representing Russia’s inability or unwillingness to bury its Soviet past. Lenin’s embalmed body has echoes of the ancient pyramids. Belief in an afterlife, combined with their knowledge of embalming techniques, led the Egyptians to construct pyramids to immortalise their rulers. The Soviet government may have been atheist but they believed in the afterlife of Lenin’s ideas. Do you think Putin’s decision not burying the body was a good choice? Or maybe bury the past to move forward? 

2| St. Basil’s Cathedral

Did you really come to Russia if you haven’t seen this iconic landmark? I’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive and it happened when I least expected it. I literally had to scratch my eyes if I was dreaming or not because tbh this is so darn beautiful! It’s nice to say that the universe works in mysterious ways better than I imagined it to be. 

This goes to say that travel means that we will never completely be at home again because part of our heart is left behind at the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met. Truly, I’m in love with places I haven’t been but fell even more for this when I finally saw it with my own eyes.

Click here for more information about this church.

3| GUM

I didn’t know it was a department store when we got here. Then I realise this place is really fancy. We went here to eat. I already forgot what Russian food tastes like. But I’m sure that I miss it!

4| Grand Cathedral Mosque

I never would have thought to find a mosque at the centre of Moscow. Oftentimes, I find myself searching for mosques in a country (out of curiosity ) to know how they do things differently than what I’m accustomed to. I was surprised to know that 7% of the Russian Population are Muslims which I find quite fascinating! 

Together with President Vladimir Putin, the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the inauguration of this mosque recently just happened last 2015. 

The original structure was built in 1904 and remained at this site until it was demolished in 2011. It was then part of the cultural heritage but authorities said reconstruction was needed since the old building was near to collapse. Of course this provoked an outcry from the public and condemned it. It was then reconstructed after awhile with the right degree in the direction of Mecca 

6| Russian State Historical Museum

I think it was closed when I got here or didn’t have time to get inside. But this place looks stunning! It’s just in Red Square so it’s just easy to find. Visiting during winter is indeed beautiful but less tolerable.

7| Moscow’s Metro System

I love trains but Moscow’s train system made me look crazy! Just look at the map! Nonetheless, I love how luxurious the central stations feel, with their intricate designs, giant chandeliers, and beautiful paintings.

Thanks to my Russian friend, @denis_guide_msk whom I met on couchsurfing and help me find my way through their train system which is damn crazy. If you’re coming to Moscow, he’s your guy to guide you! You can contact him via WhatsApp: +7 903 265-82-47

Here’s a breakdown of my budget notes:

  • 1 USD= 64 Ruble
  • 1 GPB= 81 Ruble
  • 1 PHP= 1.25 Rubble
  • Train Round trip- 850 Ruble
  • Food- 755 Ruble
  • Train- 205 Ruble
  • Luggage service- 500 Ruble
  • Total= 2, 310 Rubles ($36, GPB 28, PHP 1,900)

Here are some of the street shots I took while roaming around..

I do hope that you like this Moscow In One Day. Please share with your friends and family who are planning to go here! I hope this helps somehow. Enjoy Moscow!

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