The Solo Male Backpacker from Brazil

Uluwatu Itinerary

Andre| 25 | Brasil

I finally got to my last remaining days in Bali. I decided a long time ago I had to be near the airport to catch my flight going back to Manila.

This is where I stayed at: 24/7 Bed & Breakfast in Jimbaran, Bali where I met a guy from Brasil. Conversation went like this:

Me: Hey! I was wondering if we could go somewhere this afternoon to explore the area? I wanted to go to this beach and I need to split my cost if thats fine with you. I’m Paul by the way. What’s your name?

Him: Well, I just got here from backpacking India for 3 months but I’m from Brasil. And sure why not. Let’s do it. I’m André. How far is it from here?

Me: Awesome! Hmm it’s about 13 kms from here but before that, do you mind if I shoot you on that hammock? I just find this hostel sexy and extraordinary.

Him: No worries, my friend. Go on.

Then, we talked more a bit about our travels and how he ended up in India. It turns out he’s a yoga enthusiast and India seems the logical place to visit where Yoga began. I love hearing stories from likeminded people I can easily connect with esp. that he’s also male backpacker & can befriend on the road to the point you can get deep conversations with them about life.

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