The Story Of How I Met Jacob Riglin

Jacob Riglin

Ever wonder what’s it’s like meeting some of the people you admire the most? Well, here’s how it goes:

I started my site a few months ago and posted a few articles. It was just like last week that I was thinking I needed some special guest (s) on my blog. To my surprise, I saw an IG story of Jacob Riglin, The Urban Explorer and Richmond Photographer and Cory Martin, his travel partner from NY, saying they’re coming to the Philippines together with their award winning creative agency, Beautiful Destinations- the largest travel creative agency on social media!

I sent a message to Jacob if we can meet despite their busy schedule with the Department of Tourism of the Philippines. He was at Greenbelt at that time when he replied. He shared their itinerary and they’re going first to Banaue Rice Terraces then back to Manila then to Palawan. I said the only time I can meet them is on their return to Manila on the 18th of November. I checked Cebu Pacific’s flights if I can onboard with them. Flight was available and cheap. I said to them I can onboard right away and buy my ticket and join them if they don’t mind. But t’was impossible since they’re here for work and the tourism board already arranged everything. Jacob said we can meet in the airport. So I said sure why not.

Guess what? I wasn’t able to sleep on the day of our meet up! I even dreamt about the meeting! “What if something goes wrong” was all I could think about. But no it went smoothly as possible. I wasn’t late and wasn’t too early and same goes to them. Just the perfect timing!

The Meet Up

I was at Starbucks waiting for them just like Ren of Travel Stories Philippines said. Great guy! I also coordinated with him during the process. When they got there, I approached them and introduced myself. They’re very humble and kind and like really cool. I don’t how to describe the moment but I was getting all tongue tied and nervous and shaking. They are after all my aspirations.

It felt as though time was really running and they needed to leave. All our laughters even to this time writing this still echoes to my ears. We said goodbyes and I said “I hope to meet you guys soon… not anymore here… but on the road.”

Here’s Jacob Riglin’s life story from the Daily Cloth.To all people who’s reading this, we could all learn from Jacob’s story to dream big!


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