60 Days on the Road and Here’s How I Perceive The World Now

How I perceive the world now? I don’t mean to come home yet. But most of the time when I share things from my experiences to my family or mostly to my friends back home, I always get the crazy eye after sharing an epic travel story. Like a sensation that I just said a weird thing? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that way in the room. Odds are, it’s not just me. It happens to every travellers I’ve met. I guess that when you travel, something starts to shift differently on your perspectives.

Here’s How I Perceive The World Now

I started to realise that people are more alike than they are different.
  • I recognise the fact that we’re all different in certain ways. Like how our skills and character differ from each other, how we do things differently and all that. But there’s so much things we have in common and this becomes apparent when I started travelling more. The hustle, success, the love we cannot have, the heartbreaks we go through, tragedy, sad stories we can relate from, the happy memories, those laughters and tears that never seem to end. We all experience the same emotions that binds us together.
Time is more important than money.
  • I once met a guy from Toulouse and he told me something that stuck in my head ever since. “When I’m back home and working, I always think about the future. But when I’m travelling, I always think about the “now”. Being in the present moment makes me alive.” And I felt that.
  • There was this old lady at the hostel I met back then. She got ill the moment she arrived in Israel. The whole time on her vacation, she just stayed inside not feeling well. That made me realise that the decision I made to quit my job to travel was right. Do as much as we can while we’re young. Because once we’re old, I bet those knees can’t bear long hikes anymore. Money returns but time won’t.
I’m happier with having less.
  • Two backpacks with only the things I need to survive. Who needs those fancy stuff when you have the whole world to travel around? Owning less not only makes my shoulders happy but it’s good for the soul.
I don’t mind getting lost.

The best moments are sometimes the ones with unexpected turns. Sometimes I do it on purpose. haha!

I’ve become more spontaneous than ever!
  • I used to plan and organise everything when I travel. But since I have longer days ahead of me, I decided to do things on the spot. Like last minute flight booking to here, or hop on a bus to Lyon or a quick free walking tour with someone from Couchsurfing. What I’m saying is that when you plan less, opportunity knocks and you’re more flexible.
Strangers are people who are yet to become your friends!
  • To be honest, I never thought I would say this but one of my best friends now is someone I met on the beach in Bali. We stayed connected online. We had adventures back home and he stayed at my dorm and I stayed at his home in the Netherlands. It made me realise that it’s not about how long the friendship is but how strong the connection is. It’s also about who walked into your life and proved they are there when you need them.
It’s hard to say goodbye.
  • I get attached to people easily. So when they leave, I get sad. I need to learn how to not get attached to people. Sometimes, places too!
  • In a world where people just come and go, I need someone who stays.
I have so much things to learn.
  • I suck at world history and I’m now learning it all in front of my eyes. Every country is rich in history. Every building has its own history. The people that made their country to what it is now had stories to tell. The wars and war heroes are part of what makes their countries great.
The World is too big yet so small at the same time.
  • It’s fascinating to know that a few hours in the plane and you’re already in another country. I once met a girl from Singapore in Florence. At that time, we were doing a tour around Tuscany. After a few weeks, we met again in Athens by fate! We honestly didn’t have an idea that we would meet again. It made me realise how small the world is. But at the same time you can travel at such great speed and yet the world is still big with many places to go.
There are hundreds of languages in the world and yet only a smile speaks them all
  • In fact, it’s the only language in the world that even babies can understand.
Borders are invitations for new adventures!
  • I used to think that borders are awful for not making peace with each country. But now I realise whether I like or not, it’s really there and I don’t get to make it disappear, only a change in perspective in myself. Borders are made for new adventures!

Looking back at when I started my journey in the Netherlands, I still couldn’t believe that I made the riskiest decision of my life- quitting my job to travel. Travel is a privilege. It has given me so much and I couldn’t be more thankful enough for the people I have connected with. Along with my journey, I’m learning to capture priceless moments and how to better connect with my readers.

Article inspired by: Workaway

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