AXA Schengen Insurance: How It Helped Me In Barcelona


My worst nightmare had finally come! My first night in Barcelona was something I did not expect to happen. And here’s how my AXA Schengen Insurance helped me.

So, I came to Barcelona on the 4th of January 2020 from Montpellier, France. I crossed the border with Flixbus. When I arrived past 19:00, I decided to walk all the way to my hostel for like 1.5 hours (3kms). When you have walked for more than 20kms a day in Paris, then this 3km wasn’t much of a big deal except that I was carrying my two backpacks that weigh 23kg in total.

AXA Schengen Insurance- Map

In between walks, I took some rests of course. And in those times, I removed my coat for some air to come in because I was sweating already. I arrived at the hostel safely and still doing all right.

I ate my dinner from a nearby restaurant and from the free potato soup the hostel offered.

The Unbearable Pain

Everything was still fine until I felt something bad was going through my stomach. I shit myself twice and I already knew something was really wrong. I tried to sleep it in hoping the pain would just go away. But the pain was unbearable. It was too much to handle because I have low pain tolerance. It took me time to decide whether or not, I’d rush myself to the emergency room at the middle of the night!

Then it came at me. The thought of having to spend my time in the E.R. was not the experience I would have expected. But “Let’s go”, I said to myself. It would be a different kind of adventure not everyone can have. And it would be a learning spot for me too! Besides I have the AXA Schengen Insurance

With the help of the guy from the reception, he helped me with getting a cab. Then we looked for the nearest hospital. The nearest is a private one.

I arrived at the reception of Hospital Universitari Sagrat. I gave my passport. Then I asked how much would I be paying and she handed a paper with written numbers on it that says “€500”. I immediately told her “my AXA Schengen Insurance will pay for this.” So I handed her my coverage certificate because where the fuck shall I get €500?

AXA Schengen Insurance

Then I was escorted to a room and the nurse asked questions and all that. I’m glad he can speak and understand English.

The Test Result

I waited for the available doctor to come in. I waited long enough that I started to get sleepy. At last, a doctor came in. The doctor and the nurse couldn’t exactly figure out what was wrong with me. So they did ultrasound me. Test showed that I have gastroenteritis. LOL

AXA Schengen Insurance

So I’m not really sure if it was the food I ate or my in between walks that I rested and let some air in that caused my stomach pain.

So then they gave me some pain reliever and they gave me prescription drugs. The 24/7 pharmacy the nurse recommended me to buy in was close. Like of all days, really close?! So I bought the drugs the next day and continue with my adventure.

AXA Schengen Insurance

The Apocalypse On My AXA Schengen Insurance

Despite the fact that I would like to linger longer (because the doctor was so hot), I left the hospital without confirming if everything with my AXA Schengen Insurance was fine. So the next day, I got a call from the hospital asking for the guarantee of payment from AXA and I said that I’m currently on my world tour and will try to email them. The bill was now €800 because of the ultrasound.

I emailed my insurance company and they said “for consultations or emergency visit we can not send a guarantee of payment. Ambulatory expenses are always treated in reimbursement”.

So basically, I need to pay the hospital via bank transfer that €800+ and the insurance company will reimburse that after I paid it.

Days had passed and still no one checked on me regarding the issue. So maybe I thought everything was already okay. Until one day, on a very untimely and unlucky day in Vienna, I got a call from AXA. They need me to send the receipt and other documents to Belgium before they can process my reimbursement if I paid the €800+

I immediately contacted my bank and sent an advice in case this would be pursued. But of course I don’t want to pay that because I don’t have a budget for that. So I told them that I don’t have that money right now and it would be a great help if you could pay them and except me from paying it. This is also because I don’t have time to send those documents to Belgium that would be needed before they can reimburse me.

The Verdict

They approved to pay for it after a few days of waiting! I literally told them I don’t have the money for that. HAHA! I could not be happier that day!

It was indeed a different kind of adventure! I don’t wish for it to happen again. Buying insurance was sure hell one of the best decisions I ever made.

This is me the next morning using all my energy to continue despite having only 3 hours of sleep.

This incident is still unknown to my family. I don’t want them to get worried because I want to take full responsibility and see if I can handle it. Glad I did!

For the past three years, my new year has always been spending time in the hospital. It might be a curse. HAHA! It continued the streak here in Barcelona. I could just laugh about it.

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