Armenia E-Visa Application In 3 Simple Steps!

It’s time for my Armenia E Visa Application

Armenia doesn’t sound like on everybody’s bucket-list but not me! It’s one of the most underrated countries! Armenia is situated between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.  It’s where you can see Mt. Ararat. Not interesting yet? Well, it’s the First Christian Nation in the World!

This article is for you if you’re applicable for the Armenia E Visa Application. Although, getting the Armenian Visa upon arrival is possible, I just couldn’t help but get the Armenian E Visa as much as possible. I don’t want to wait for long at the immigration and let others wait for me. It turned out the wisest thing I did! I was with five other passengers (whom visa isn’t required for them) passing the border to Armenia from Georgia. If I didn’t get my Armenian E Visa beforehand, I couldn’t fathom the idea of them waiting for me.

To continue with our pre-journey preparation, here’s your list of easy requirements to get the Armenian E-visa:
  1. Passport
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Accommodation booking
  4. Flight Reservation- this is optional but better to have one which you can get from Visa Reservation

*Note that Travel Insurance is not required.

So here’s what I did:

>1| I visited Republic of Armenia’s website to check my eligibility for the Armenian E-Visa. I then put my e-mail for further verification. 

2| I got an e-mail afterwards and redirected back to their page after confirming my email.

3| Once I confirmed my email, I was redirected to fill out the requested details i.e. Personal and Passport Information, Duration of Travel and Purpose, Passport Photo, Scanned Passport and later on my Reservation Ticket which I didn’t included at first. This was a mistake because they rejected my application. But I appealed and reapplied with the Reservation Ticket and got approved! 

I paid $6 for the single entry visa which means you can travel for a maximum 21 days but the visa’s validity is 90 days from the date of your intended arrival.

I waited for 2-3 working days and received my Armenian e-visa

I’ve already had bought tickets to Dubai and Georgia and it was then time to book my return flight from Armenia to Dubai. Now time to share the things I did here to you soon! So stay tuned! I wish this helped you in anyway. If you did, please share to your family and friends. Cheers!

If you’re interested, check out my My 3 days itinerary in Armenia!


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