100 Days on the Road & I’m Gratefully Stuck in Morocco

Arriving in Marrakech

On 28 March 2020, who would have thought I’d make it to 100 days being on the road? I didn’t but I believed! 100 days of adventures chasing the sun with strangers that become friends, friends that become family, friends that make you fall in love with them just being who they are and a friend whom I can say is just somebody that I used to know.

I arrived in Marrakech safe and sound. There was a paper I needed to fill out about Coronavirus. Gladly, it wasn’t that much of a big deal that time- at least for the Moroccan Government. So I didn’t have to go on quarantine for two weeks.


I’ve had two scammers who almost wanted to hurt me. I had to give in to the first incident because I don’t want something bad would happen to me. Second incident was I just screamed in public and ran away because the guy was already grabbing my right arm and say “you want problem?”. My heart was pounding I almost dropped the items I bought.

We, travellers in Morocco, are currently experiencing racism. Young adults & kids who call us ‘corona’ when we pass by. I thought it was just me, but I’ve a met a Danish family who was also experiencing the same. Then moments later, I’ve met solo travellers from Australia and South Africa, people were also calling them ‘corona’. These locals are killing the vibe for such a beautiful country. Just because we’re foreigners / tourists doesn’t mean we have the virus.

I don’t recommend anyone traveling alone to Morocco! This might be my most dangerous place I’ve ever been to as a solo traveller.

Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks as I start my volunteering program as a teacher at The British Language Academy with my co volunteers coming from 5 continents!

Grateful to be stuck in Morocco

I arrived at the place where I’m supposed to be just five days before Morocco started to close its borders. Mr. Harim from the Academy still welcomed me despite classes being called off. We were featured on this article: How Foreigners Experience the Lockdown in Morocco

The whole of Morocco is currently in complete lockdown until further notice. We can only get out of our flat one at a time. My friends and I already bought everything we need for I don’t know how long could last. I’m terrified to be honest because people could be savages— steal or rob us inside our flat and Moroccan Gov’t has hardcore military they can implement anytime. We’re 8 people (6 guys, 2 women) from 6 countries- South Africa, PH, Australia, USA, Mexico, and Belgium. We’re a family now. I never thought this is going to happen. I’m just glad I was able to get to the place I’m supposed to go with my co volunteers before this complete lockdown. Or else I would have been stuck in Marrakech alone paying my accommodation daily.

The Moroccan Government has offered us flights to each of our countries but we have decided that it’s going to be less hassle and safe for us to stay. Unless they’re going to drag our asses off their country, then we leave. France & UK Govt have urged their citizens to go home for free. If this goes well, I might be able to continue my journey to South America.

Anyhow it has been full of adventures waking up to the supermarket so early to buy all we need before the complete lockdown. Apocalyptic stories are now current events.

Thank you all for the concern.

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